Adolescent Oral CareDental caries/cavities increase in teens because of changes in dietary habits, lack of motivation for good oral hygiene habits and increased demands in school work and social arenas.. These topics are discussed with the doctor according to individual need.

Young adults differ from children in their overall dental needs. Many of our adolescent patients have orthodontic appliances and are instructed on preventing cavities that can easily develop around the appliance itself. Wisdom tooth removal is a big concern for this age group. We can provide literature and ease the fears of oral surgery. Sealants are recommended at different stages of the patient’s growth especially when all the permanent teeth erupt to protect the chewing surfaces. All teens that play sports should wear a mouthguard.

These topics and more are addressed and planned for treatment with our teen patients and their parents. We have found that motivating teens to be knowledgeable about their own dental needs leads to long-term health of the permanent teeth into adulthood.

Please refer to the following American Dental Association link for teen related topics, videos, and additional resources (i.e. careers in the dental profession, cosmetic dentistry, halitosis, oral piercing, smoking/tobacco, etc.): American Dental Association website.